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morning on c-span2, the investment for him continues. we will hear from secretary of state john kerry. that gets underway at 8:30 eastern on our companion network, c-span2. here is more from today's session of the summit. president obama announced a new governmentwide effort to encourage is this is to invest in the u.s. >> ladies and gentlemen, lee's welcome the united states secretary of commerce, penny pritzker. [applause] >> a good afternoon, everyone. i hope you're having a time in making the connections that can help your businesses grow. it is such a privilege for me to introduce our next speaker, president barack obama. i am proud to call him our president and i am honored to call him a dear friend. simply put, the united states has been very lucky to have president obama as our commander in chief for the last five years. in my 27 years in business, i have seen the qualities that make a great leader. president obama has all of them. he's a builder, he has sound judgment, he has integrity, he sets clear direction, he listens, he inspires and most of all he acts decisively to sup
a knockout punch in the foreseeable future. and our strategy is based on that assessment. secretary kerry, therefore, it working extensively with russia, with other concerned members of the international community, including countries like us that strongly support the syrian opposition, and he is working the united nations to promote a political solution. last week, on october 22 in london, 11 countries that strongly support the syrian opposition can together and we al reaffirms our support for negotiated settlement based on the full implementation -- and i want to underline that -- the full implementation of the june 2012 geneva communiquÉ. this full implementation of the geneva to medicaid is also what we have agreed upon during the summer with the united nations and the russian government. 11 the russians, the london countries, and the united nations all agreed that a geneva he's conference should result in transition thed governing body established by mutual agreement between the syrian regime and the opposition . this is a political solution which most syrians and those countries su
kerry and susan rice at the white house. what are they telling you about how they see popes -- hopes for progress and iran, and the iaea and how they feel you are doing? i have met with secretary kerry, and susan rice. we have discussed the iranian certification, with support to the peaceful range of a wide issues. i sense a strong support of the activities of the iaea. purpose is not to talk about the ongoing discussions. any ideaey give you about the upcoming talks in geneva? not much in -- i take into account a discussion that just took place in vienna. 5+1 is preparing for the next meeting. i don't have much to report unto you on this issue. >> two quick questions. the first is on syria. have the site been affected by the civil war? is there a place you can go to do proper verification? syria, we have a so-called reactor that has saw -- some small amount of enriched uranium that is under iaea safeguards. safeguard.hat facility we have visited the facility regularly. ofdon't have any indication things getting worse. >> and at the other three sites? are -- one isites the syrian nuc
the commerce secretary and secretary of state john kerry. 8:30 a.m. underway at eastern. >> what is the most important issue that congress should consider in 2014? that is the question for the c- span student cam video competition. make a documentary that shows varying points of view and includes the standard video for your chance to win the grand prize of $5,000. this year we have doubled the number of total winners. entries must be in by january 2014. for more information go to >> at the national press club today, sally jewell discusses the national parks. she spoke and took questions for almost an hour. >> thank you for that thorough and entertaining introduction. not necessarily accurate but somewhat close. i want to thank the national press club for what you do to bring opera voices and issues bringre complex -- to thoughtful voices to issues that are complex. i want you to pay attention to this. they are responsible for the best ever question i received from the media in my time here. ,y colleague kate kelly somewhere around here, she does a very good job will she is hi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4